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Counselling and Therapy Services


Service Six therapeutic services are accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) to provide professional therapeutic counselling for children, young people, adults and families. As we are a Registered Charity and due to contract and grant awards, we are able to provide some free counselling services for particular age groups or geographical areas.


  • Currently, youth counselling services are available for FREE in the Northampton, Wellingborough, East Northamptonshire, Daventry & South Northamptonshire districts.
  • Currently, adult counselling services are available for FREE in the East Northamptonshire District due to funding from East Northamptonshire Council


As we are also a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’ we can undertake trading activities so therapeutic services can also be purchased from Service Six. If you feel you need therapy but would not be eligible for our free services, please contact us to discuss further the options in buying a service from us.


Counselling is a way of helping people with different personal problems. Counsellors work with a wide range of concerns including abuse, anxiety, depression, bereavement, bullying, loneliness, self-esteem, difficulties in relationships, self-injury, eating problems and many other issues. It is based on the building of a trusting relationship between the counsellor and the client and it can enable people to talk about experiences and to make sense of them. Counselling can also allow people to express difficult feelings and learn how to manage them in a different way. Counsellors are trained to listen thoughtfully and carefully to people's problems without judging or criticising them. They do not give advice but support clients to enable them to make positive decisions and positive changes to how they deal with problems.


All our counsellors are:


  • Professionally trained and registered with nationally recognised governing bodies for example BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) or UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).
  • Trained to a minimum of an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and and many have further advanced qualifications.
  • Undertaking ongoing internal and external training for their professional and personal development.
  • Receiving Counselling Supervision from a qualified Supervisor - at least one and a half hours per month in line with BACP Guidelines
  • EDBS checked
  • Have indemnity insurance
  • Commit to child protection training on a yearly basis


DO NOT settle for anything else.




Counselling offers a safe space to talk about issues that are troubling you.  As a general rule the counsellor will not share what is said in counselling sessions with anyone else.  However there are certain circumstances when confidentiality may need to be broken, this includes any serious crime,  threatened act of terrorism or drug trafficking.  Confidentiality may also be broken if the counsellor is concerned that you might harm yourself (including suicidal intent) or someone else or, if you are at risk of being harmed by someone else. This does not happen often and the counsellor will make every effort to talk things through with you.   Counsellors keep notes on each client.  These are brief, respectful and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Please ask your counsellor about confidentiality if you have any questions.




As we are committed to monitoring and assessing the quality of our work, from time to time, clients may be asked to contribute to this process by completing a confidential evaluation questionnaire.


Improvements for Accessibility


Client Agreement


Our Team


  • Lead Therapist
  • Referral Portal Operators
  • Counsellors
  • Associate Counsellors
  • Clinical Supervisors


Our professional team of counsellors are all qualified and experienced who work respectively and ethically for the diverse population of Northamptonshire.


Your Wellbeing Assessment


A counselling assessment is a chance for you to find out about ‘what is counselling?’ and how it may be of benefit to you. We can talk about the issues which are troubling you which will help us offer you the most appropriate support which could be counselling or advice.

The assessment usually takes around 45 minutes and is generally undertaken on a 1-2-1 basis. However, if in this initially assessment you would prefer someone to come in with you, this can be arranged though this practice is not appropriate during formal counselling sessions.

Once we have your details we will contact you to arrange an assessment at the place and time best suited to you. We can offer many venues across the county of Northamptonshire including a young person’s school.

If you are under the age of 13 we will require parental consent and a form will need to be completed by your parent/carer before we can arrange an assessment.


What Happens Next?


Once you have completed your counselling assessment, your details will be put on the counselling waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as a counsellor becomes available and we will then organise your first session. Your counsellor will then arrange the following sessions with you.


During the first counselling session, your counsellor will discuss a verbal contract which is a spoken agreement in how you will work together which will include confidentiality. You will also be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a client, to enable you to feel safe and valued


Dealing with a crisis?


Our counselling service is not crisis support. If you are experiencing a crisis situation we can offer support service contact details who can best deal with your crisis.


If you feel you are or that you are aware of someone else that is of immediate risk you are able to contact the emergency services on 999 or go directly to your nearest Accident and Emergency department in your local hospital.


Alternatively you can contact:


  • Samaritans - 08457909090
  • Northampton Branch of Samaritans - 01604 637637
  • Kettering Branch of Samaritans - 01536 416999


How To Get Counselling


Service six offers a therapeutic counselling service in varied locations across the county of Northamptonshire, this includes a young person’s school if this more appropriate for the client.

Our service for young people is offered to all between the ages of 10 – 18 years and up to 25 for disabled young people.

You can contact us in several ways:


  • Directly with the service numbers provided on this website
  • Through someone at your school
  • Someone can contact us on your behalf such as your parent or carer
  • Or by any other person known to you


You can access our counselling service in several ways.


For referral enquiries contact:

  • E: referrals@servicesix.co.uk
  • T: 01933 277520/273746


For general enquiries and appointments contact:

  • E: counselling@servicesix.co.uk
  • T: 07780 998905

E: info@servicesix.co.uk

T:  01933 277520 / 01933 273746

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